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M.S. King of Tomato Bubble: Everything you know is wrong!

Broadcast here May 10th, 11 to noon Eastern then archived. For less than a dollar a week you can subscribe…and listen to this show RIGHT NOW!  Click HERE.  Banned by Amazon! But available here M.S. “Mike” King of is the author of more than ten books challenging conventional political wisdom. One of them, The Bad War, was banned by Amazon last month due to its politically-incorrect three-page treatment of the holocaust. (I urged him to re-publish an “Amazon Edition” with those three pages blank as a statement of protest.) Was Eisenhower really an arch-globalist, maybe even a closet commie? Was World War Parts 1 and 2…


Amazon kindles book-burning bonfire – banned revisionist responds!

This show broadcasts LIVE 8 to 10 pm Eastern Friday, March 10th at – click on Studio B – then gets archived about 24 hours later.  For only $3.95 a month you can listen to shows on-demand before they are broadcast – and also get free downloads. Help Kevin keep these shows on the air – become a subscriber today! Or if you prefer, PAYPAL a one time donation, or a regular payment, to truthjihad(at)gmail[dot]com. My recent article Jeff Bezos, Amazon endorse holocaust denial begins:  “In what amounts to a ringing endorsement of the claims of Holocaust revisionists, has apparently concluded that their books cannot be effectively refuted…


LIVE! James Perloff, Merlin Miller & Richard Gage, AIA

Friday 4/3- Listen live – 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution Radio:  – click on the “Studio B” button. To be rebroadcast Sunday 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Eastern on  and then archived at the usual spot. First hour: James Perloff, author of the perennial bestseller Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, comes on to discuss the myths and realities of World War II. Second hour: Filmmaker and 2012 presidential candidate Merlin Miller joins us to celebrate this week’s official launch of the American Eagle Party. (Check out the video.) Then in the final half hour Richard Gage, AIA of Architects…