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DDWN: MH370 mystery solved; World War III postponed till next week

False flag news 1) Missing plane mystery solved?  2) 9/11 museum’s blood libel on Islam 3) Marines looking for a few good actors to play terrorists in training exercises 4) New generation mocks terrorist “threat”  5) Emails reveal US false flag plans for Ukraine Ukraine & WWIII 6) Tensions build in Ukraine / Biden aggravates situation 7) US sends 600 troops, warship to Black Sea 8) Wesley Clark in Ukraine prepping for war 9) Anti-semitic pamphlet in Ukraine “a hoax” 10) Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi imperative 11) Ukraine and The Grand Chessboard…


My new Press TV pieces on MH-370, 9/11 & Gitmo

My new Press TV article on MH370 has over 10,000 Facebook shares. Check it out: Missing plane mystery solved? And here’s another brand-new one: “Gitmo unconstitutional result of 9/11 false flag”


Will Israel kill US empire this week?

My new Press TV piece “Will Israel kill US empire this week?” is going viral, so they piggybacked an article on top of it: “Israel strike on Iran would spell doom for US Empire: Analyst.” Also check out today’s VT piece, Unfreedom Tower parachute jump for 9/11 truth – amazing video!