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Eric Walberg on Jerusalem/al-Quds, his trip to Tehran, and more

Listen HERE. Eric Walberg joins us to discuss his articles on Jerusalem and Recent Demos in Iran. Eric also explains why he converted to Islam (from Marxism), and why Abraham Lincoln was a war criminal not a hero. We discuss the question of why psychopaths rise to the top of power hierarchies (or why power turns people into psychopaths); the history of incidents that nearly triggered nuclear wars; why many otherwise excellent critics of empire won’t discuss 9/11 or Zionist power (Eric says “most people have been castrated in our society”); whether the rising Chinese hegemon will be kinder and…


Rabbi Lerner and Kevin Barrett discuss and argue about Jerusalem; then Kevin takes on Maxi the Zionist, and reads “From Yahweh to Zion”

Broadcast here December 11th 11 to noon Eastern. All my shows are available at my Patreon page – please subscribe and keep this program going! First 25 minutes: Rabbi Michael Lerner, America’s most celebrated progressive Rabbi, and Kevin Barrett, America’s best-known Muslim voice of 9/11 truth, get together to discuss – and argue about – the Zionist takeover of Jerusalem, and Trump’s endorsement of that crime against humanity. Dr. Barrett argues that the only way to get justice for Palestine is to expose and defeat Zionist power in the USA. Rabbi Lerner thinks that is a bad strategy, because it will be labeled “anti-Semitic.” Instead, he argues…


Zionist apocalypse coming?

Will a Zionist apocalypse erupt during the coming two years? Some Zionists seem to think so. They are predicting that an unusual series of lunar eclipses or “blood moons” expected in 2014 and 2015 augurs war and disaster on an epic scale… Read the full article: