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Tribute to “Truth Troubadour” Vic Sadot (d. 10/6/18)

Vic Sadot

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I’m very sorry to report that Vic Sadot, the “Truth Troubadour,” passed away this past weekend of as-yet-unknown causes.

On Saturday October 6, Vic was supposed to show up at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California with musical equipment for the “Was the 2016 Election Stolen?” event. When he failed to make it, a friend and colleague drove to his apartment, knocked on his door, and received no response. It took almost two hours to find a building manager to open the door. When they entered the apartment, “Vic appeared to have pushed his chair back from his computer table and then slumped down onto the floor.”

Vic Sadot was Chair of the Social Justice Committee of the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian-Universalists. He was also an intensely committed 9/11 truth activist who infused his music with humor and outrage. I met him in 2005 at the Truth Emergency Convergence in Washington, DC and was struck by his ebullient and fiery spirit, and his outrage at the lies and injustice that were reaching monumental proportions. That outrage, and his acerbic creative response, never subsided.

In this special episode of Truth Jihad Radio (recorded in less than ideal “studio conditions” in Tarragona, Spain) I will speak about Vic for a few minutes and then play some of his best songs.

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