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Art Olivier on freemasonry & NWO, “DC Dave” Martin on Brett Kavanagh’s coverup of Vince Foster murder

Art Olivier and the “Stone of Scone”

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First hour: Art Olivier, producer of the 9/11-truth-based Hollywood-style thriller Operation Terror, joins us to discuss his favorite research topic: freemasonry and the New World Order, symbolism and numerology division.

Art recently returned from travels during which he “drove by Stonehenge, went to the Ring of Brodgar and the Standing  Stones of Stenness. We went to the Palace of Scone where the English stole the Stone of Scone which is allegedly Jacob’s Pillow and is allegedly a meteorite. The English took the stone exactly 250,000 (500 squared) days before the day Charles and Diana got engaged. William was born exactly 500 days later. 10,000 days after William was born, 2009 VA, the 3rd closest non-impacting approach of a cataloged asteroid flew by the Earth. Exactly 100,000 days before the engagement, Britain was created.”

What’s Art’s secret ingredient in those stoner scones? Do the above numbers add up? If they do, what are the odds that Art might be on to something? Mathematically-inclined listeners are invited to verify/debunk Art’s numbers.

Second hour: David “DC Dave” Martin is a leading investigator of unsolved murders, including those of Vincent Foster and Thomas Merton. In this interview we discuss Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanagh’s apparent participation in the Vince Foster murder coverup. Specifically, Kavanagh outrageously mistreated a key witness, Patrick Knowlton, whose testimony supported the case that Foster was murdered, and who produced a good description (and police sketch) of the key suspect. (Kavanagh took over as Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s lead investigator after the resignation in disgust of Miguel Rodriguez.)

Bottom line: Kavanagh is a “made man” of the Deep State. That, and not whatever drunken sexual assaults he may have perpetrated as a teenager, is the real reason why he shouldn’t be confirmed. Unfortunately, given the Deep State’s near-stranglehold on power, Kavanagh’s record covering up Foster’s murder will probably get him confirmed rather than rejected.

More references: Dave’s recent articles  Is the Fix in for Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee? and Christopher Ruddy on Brett Kavanaugh.



One Thought to “Art Olivier on freemasonry & NWO, “DC Dave” Martin on Brett Kavanagh’s coverup of Vince Foster murder”

  1. Kevin Barrett

    A listener writes:

    “My dear Prof. Barrett,

    If you don’t mind i will avail myself of the opportunity to comment on a number of points, after having heard the musings of Art Olivier on your show

    His assertions or perceptions that people/students really did die at Sand Hook was substantiated with very little hard evidence, the idea that actors were used for the interviews while the real suffering parents were ignored strains credulity even for someone like myself who evens seriously considers that the earth might not be a globe after all.
    Redacted police reports to hide the ‘horror of the event were instead in my opinion details that they decided not to use which clearly part of the drill. It seems to me that the drill was not only the event itself which is to gauge law enforcement’s ability to respond , but also the aftermath to gauge how willing the public is to believe the narrative placed before them

    The conclusions arrived by (for example) Prof. Fetzer are a result of the examination of a preponderance of evidence; one would be hard pressed to dismiss the conclusion due to one error in a mountain of evidence. i have yet to see anyone come forward to confirm that the school was a functioning school in the year(s) leading up to the fateful day or with official hospital reports confirming just where all the students were taken, or videos of the wounded or the survivors ever being taken out of the school. The changing of the law regarding autopsy photos, the flimsy if not flakey statements by the coroner, the absurd recounting of the school children arriving by bus to the older fellows house where he gave them cookies and milk is a very poorly created storyboard.

    And of course the stonewalling of those who dared to ask more questions regarding details of the event. Then again we are used to that kind of strategy regarding the protection of some historical events. In the end there are so many aspects that demonstrate the absurdity of the official story, i will not bore with all of them. What is telling is ever since Nuremberg we are convinced whatever someone states to be true must be true because they said it in an official context.

    Regarding the perhaps most innocuous conspiracy ‘reality’ ,the fact that a band member in an important rock group died unexpectedly and was replaced by another (reasonably close enought to be a) double is a conclusion arrived at by an avalanche of evidence.

    The facial recognition investigation that was done to disprove the theory that resulted in a confirmation that these are two different ‘Pauls’

    The confirmed newspaper article which confirms that Paul (1) died in a car crash in his White convertible Aston Martin (very few of those around at the time.)

    The fact that Bill (Shears) Shepard virtually disappears from the public record at that time period. Previously he worked with the group as a session musician and as a double for Paul when needed.

    Other ancillary evidences that might have less significance but when juxtaposed to the other compelling evidence begin to reinforce the premise

    The Beatles never ever toured again after that fateful day, official reason: too much hysteria created by their live events , the Stones didn’t suffer this curtailment even though someone actually died at one of their concerts.

    The first album with the supposed new Paul, with all band members sporting beards to hide any possible recognition that someone seemed to be quite different than he was before. Not to mention that the album cover theme was a funeral with many hints written right into it. A number of other Album covers told similar stories not to mention songs
    as well

    The noticeable change and growth of the music coming from what was a very superficial (although quite catchy and as they say ’easy to dance to’ )style of music. Due to the prowess of Shepard, an extremely accomplished musician.

    The statement from Shepard’s father who said his son should get the recognition he deserves for what he managed to do, notwithstanding the pressure he was under.

    The interview with Paul2’s second (ex) wife who clearly stated she had been betrayed and she went on to say ‘i do not mean adultery’ , and going on to say ‘I thought I married a man and found out I married a machine’ , concluding to state that if anything happened to her or her child that all the relevant information would be released by a third
    party is probably why she is alive today along with the public perception that she was a gold digger trying to extract money from poor ole Paul and therefore lacking credibility

    One could even include the fact that the Beatles had a very acrimonious break-up and never ever got together to play again notwithstanding the tremendous commercial success this would have brought them.

    Ringo Star stating at his hall of fame induction ‘i am the last surviving Beatle’.

    In the end if the truth came out, i wonder if most people would just shrug their heads and say, ‘wow the music was still great’. i would go as far to say if they found out the truth about the JFK/RFK/MLK/MALCX assassinations they would do the same with out the musical accompaniment. Unfortunately…

    Just my opinion

    VB regards


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