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Ron Unz on “Holocaust Denial”

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What exactly is “holocaust denial”? Why do so many seemingly well-informed people doubt the canonical narrative of the Nazi holocaust? Or perhaps we should ask: Why do so many people who know little or nothing about the historical questions involved express such fervent belief in that canonical narrative? And why has such faith become legally mandated—to the point that in most of Europe one can actually be imprisoned for professing one’s good-faith interpretations of a historical event?

In his new essay “American Pravda: Holocaust Denial,” Ron Unz traces the bizarre history of “the Holocaust.” The picture Unz paints is certainly not the usual one: The alleged Nazi murder of six million Jews and several million non-Jews, mostly in gas chambers, plotted as an official effort to murder all Jews within reach of the Third Reich, is unquestionable and even sacred…today, anyway. But during World War II and for about 15 to 20 years thereafter, it seems that relatively few people actually believed it. As late as 1976, nobody blinked when the highly respected Reason magazine published a revisionism issue featuring key authors and historians who would soon figure as the core of the Institute for Historical Review. But gradually, primarily through Hollywood films, popular novels, and the questionable scholarship of people like Raul Hilberg (and excruciatingly bad pseudo-scholarship of people like Deborah Lipstadt) the narrative snowballed. Then after a highly-publicized series of incidents in which skeptical authors and scholars were witch hunted and scapegoated, their careers destroyed and their property and persons subjected to violent attacks, the narrative became sacred and unquestionable. In other words, belief in “the Holocaust” has been established through a mixture of propaganda and terrorism.

Is Unz right? Raising good questions? Or getting things wrong? Read, listen, and consider.

Note: I am extending invitations to potential radio guests who may wish to join me to argue against Unz’s position. So stay tuned for further debate!



One Thought to “Ron Unz on “Holocaust Denial””

  1. Kevin Barrett

    Listener comments:

    ASA Kevin

    re your debate with Ron Unz:

    Wonderful debate Kevin
    Your guest was so CONFIDENT and and based his arguments with a very level head, taking the time to properly research this taboo subject that we mere Mortals are not permitted to question. You can demonise God, demonise Muslims and Christians but we are not permitted to say anything or cross the red line of this Jewish myth of the 6million that throughout history kept being regurgitated, from as far back as the 1870s, through to a 1918 New York Times article that talks about it and as Ron stated, Churchill, Eisenhower [who some say was Jewish] and De Gaulle never mentioned the GAs chambers, the Alleged Holocaust
    Churchill, De Gaulle and Eisenhower Did Not Mention Holocaust in in their memoirs …

    We have to stop fearing debating this obnoxious topic that the Jews have deliberately protected, forcing European Governments/Russia to pass Laws making it a criminal Offence.
    We have been LIED to and deceived and our friend Monika had every right to make that video. It is wrong and Unjust that she is in jail along with Ursula Haverbach- Germans too were lied to and The phony Survivors are still profiting from their Holocaustianity, being financially compensated for their LIES.
    Around 60 Million Souls died during WW2 which would have included European Jews who were not the Universal Eternal Victims! It is shameful how Jews never commemorate the deaths of Millions of Gentiles who also perished in this obscene war which by the way, the Jewish Banksters Funded on both sides- but hey- that too is a taboo not be crossed! Both WW1 and WW2 were instigated by these Jewish Banksters and their Zionist Jewry.
    Enough is enough!- stop destroying peoples lives and careers just because they dare question the Lies and re written History that the Jews have deceived the world with

    Go SEE and READ about REAL HOLOCAUSTS in Man’s History especially against GENTILES- African Slaves, Native Indians, North Korea, Rwanda, Wars against Arabs/Muslims, Hiroshima Nagasaki, Belgian and French Holocausts in Africa, Holocausts in Latin and North America, Australia and New Zealand by European Settlers and so many other Regions never given the time of day as the Jewish Holohoax is.

    You will also discover that the Jews were Behind many of these wars and real Holocausts of Gentiles but you wont get the likes of Lipstadt writing about it! It is after all always about them, about their ETERNAL VICTIM STATUS ad nauseum with Jewish Hollywood perpetuates for their propaganda- BY WAY OF DECEPTION, THOU SHALT DO WAR- a Jewish Israeli Mossad mantra.

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