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Eric Walberg on Jerusalem/al-Quds, his trip to Tehran, and more

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Eric Walberg joins us to discuss his articles on Jerusalem and Recent Demos in Iran. Eric also explains why he converted to Islam (from Marxism), and why Abraham Lincoln was a war criminal not a hero. We discuss the question of why psychopaths rise to the top of power hierarchies (or why power turns people into psychopaths); the history of incidents that nearly triggered nuclear wars; why many otherwise excellent critics of empire won’t discuss 9/11 or Zionist power (Eric says “most people have been castrated in our society”); whether the rising Chinese hegemon will be kinder and gentler than the falling American hegemon; and whether the real hegemon may not be any particular country, but rather the capitalist system that exists independently of its bases in particular nations.

2 Thoughts to “Eric Walberg on Jerusalem/al-Quds, his trip to Tehran, and more”

  1. Carol S

    Is there going to be a video too, Kevin? Thanks.

  2. Kevin Barrett

    No video on this interview. I am about to publish the Jimmy Walter video. It will be on Patreon for a few days, then made public.

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